Saturday, August 12, 2017

In Case These Things Need To Be Said, And In Case All Of Us Need To Speak Up Today.

Nobody who venerates a Confederate flag is an American patriot. The Confederates of the 1860s were traitors against the United States of America. A patriot doesn't wave the flag of an enemy nation.

Making war in defense of slavery was a sin in the eyes of a just God. That sin still haunts the South.

All men are created equal. The descendants of the enslaved are Americans in the fullest sense. Statues to Confederate generals are an affront to the descendants of the enslaved. Tear all the statues down—or leave them be as a reminder; but if a town government has made a decision that the statues will go, then have the decency to stay home and reflect, rather than marching to defend the indefensible.

Neo-Nazis who stage a rally should be protested—vigorously, and non-violently. Punching a neo-Nazi is neither morally defensible nor politically wise. "All men are created equal" also applies to neo-Nazis. Mock them, outflank them, neutralize them, defeat them in this decade and the next. Fantasies about eradicating them forever are just that, fantasies—and disturbing ones at that.

Above all: vote.


Update 9/11/2017: Here is Andrew Sullivan on the Confederate statues—I link to this because it's consonant with the above and because it includes an interesting comparison to British history (Sullivan is an American citizen but British by birth). The first part of the post is about a different issue, so CTRL-F "***" to get to the break.

Update 9/15/2017: Here is Jay Nordlinger, a senior editor of National Review, with "Seeing the Confederacy Clear."

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