Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Underrated Things

Following up on my earlier post about overrated things—boy, lots of email from the falafel lovers!—I present four underrated things:

In-room hotel coffee makers. Good coffee is a pleasure, but so is the penny-pinching brew that gurgles out of an in-room hotel coffee maker. Someday, hotels are going to figure out that these little machines are costing them money, and then it's good-bye in-room hotel coffee makers. Enjoy them while they last. (Pro-tip: when you check in, remember to ask for more whitening powder.)

McDonald's. Everybody loves McDonald's breakfast, but how much do they love it? Do they love it as much as it deserves? I don't think so. That part is underrated, then. And the double-quarter-pounder-with-cheese meal (aka #4) is also good. The Coke at McDonald's is always perfectly mixed, with wide-gauge straws that prevent excessive foaming. If the last time you ate McDonald's was around the time of Supersize Me, give them another try because the company has made impressive changes in food quality since that time.

Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen snap peas are snappier than the ones in the produce aisle. Frozen blueberries are more flavorful for cooking than supermarket blueberries, which to be honest are hardly worth eating at all. I love corn on the cob, but canned corn tastes crunchy and sweet year-round, and there's no husking—you just dump it into a saucepan and turn on the heat (or substitute for fresh corn in this recipe to enjoy the taste of grilled corn in winter).

An expensive umbrella. Everybody puts up with crappy umbrellas! But nothing cheers you up on a rainy day like the impregnable foomp of a real Burberry umbrella. Sadly, I'm not allowed to have one, because on average I lose 0.18 umbrellas every time it rains. But I did have a Burberry umbrella back when I was a starving student in England, and in a rainy country, that umbrella was worth every skipped meal.

Bonus underrated thing:

Going the whole morning without talking or making eye contact. See: In-room hotel coffee makers.


Bill McCallum said...

I agree about hotel coffee makers. But you only get two sachets. Can you really go a whole morning on two cups of hotel room coffee? And, if you ask them to send up more, you probably have to make eye contact.

Jason Zimba said...

You're totally right, two of those things go pretty quick. I should be asking for extra sachets too.