Sunday, November 27, 2016

Correctly Rated Things

Following up on my earlier posts about overrated things and underrated things, I'll complete the sequence with four correctly rated things:

Ben Affleck. Correctly admired for his best work, correctly jeered at for his worst, and lusted after by many women, who in that respect are also correct.

Starbucks. The views of people mistakenly devoted to Starbucks perfectly balance the views of people mistakenly disdainful of it, which averages out to: correct.

Scotch whisky. A product so good—and, in addition, so correctly rated—that even when people tell you they don't like it, they often add that they wish they did.

Tuscany. In the villages you have food and wine and long views, and in the cities you have art and architecture: and all of it is wonderful. There's no contrarian take on Tuscany.

Bonus correctly rated thing: Tornadoes. They are as fascinating as they are awful…as blind as they are malevolent…as mathematical as they are biblical. Nobody ever had an original thought about a tornado—or an incorrect one.

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Bill McCallum said...

I am totally with you on Starbucks. I have been traveling long enough to remember the sort of coffee you could get in an airport before Starbucks came along.

I think the correct rating for Tucscany applles to pretty much all of Italy.