Friday, July 22, 2016

Connecting words

In each sentence below, two words appear in all-caps. Combine the words by adding a single letter that connects the two.


     This year, let's TRY renting a CABIN by the lake.


There are seven sentences in all. Keep track of the letters you add, because afterwards you will rearrange those letters to form a seven-letter word. Enjoy!

     CALL today for a great deal on a USED car!

     DOES Washington Nationals pitcher Bronson Arroyo have a TORN rotator cuff?

     There weren't enough SUBS in the district to cover STEM subjects.

     The playboy drove a RACY AUTO.

     They threw him in the BRIG for failing a sobriety TEST.

     ASSES CAN carry heavy loads on a backpacking trip.

     There isn't an OUNCE of truth to PRO wrestling.


jeff said...

Why anchovy?!

Jason Zimba said...

Well, I tried to give the two puzzles some sort of thematic relationship to one another, and all I could manage in that direction was to make the answer to both puzzles to be the name of an animal.

That aside, I knew that I wanted the answer to be a 7-letter word, because I didn't want the word to emerge as obvious partway through the puzzle. And more than 7 gets pretty hard to unscramble.

It wasn't easy to find pairs of words like (CABIN, TRY) that can be glued together. I found a couple by hand, then found others using a computer. The supply of "glue" letters that you can rearrange at the end is pretty small. So, anchovy.

Jason Zimba said...

I don't know why I can reply directly to a comment using my mobile device, but not reply directly to a comment using my laptop browser. Anyway, reply below. :-)

jeff said...

Ah, they're both animals. Duh.
If you wanna *really* challenge yourself, you could go for the rest of the "flavors"
a) Anchovy = salty
b) Bittern = BITTER (harr harr)
c) ??????? = sweet
d) ??????? = sour
e) ??????? = umami (anything Japanese?)

Jason Zimba said...

Ha! I might have a few glue letters left over, I'll see if I can make any sort of word out of them. I might also try to enlarge the field of possibility by looking for pairs of words that connect to form words with length not equal to 9.