Sunday, July 31, 2016

Connecting Words 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

In each sentence, two words appear in all-caps. Combine the words by adding a single letter that connects the two.


     This year, let's TRY renting a CABIN by the lake.


Sentences come in groups of seven. Keep track of the letters you add, because you will rearrange those letters to form a seven-letter word.

Our animal theme returns! Your seven-letter word will be the name of an animal.

Below are six groups of sentences, which means that upon completion, you will have a list of six animal names. Here's the bonus question:

Of your six animals, which two belong to the same taxonomic order?


Animal #1

     One of the parking VANS will give you a ride to your CAR.

     BUT if you know it's HERS, why are you keeping it?

     If ONLY you'd wiped your muddy shoes on the MAT.

     Doing reps with a curl BAR keeps the arm muscles in TONE.

     A baby cries if it WETS ITS diaper.

     We waited for AGES to catch a CAB.

     You can't USE the DORM bathroom—it's flooded.

Animal #2

     He loved to EAT chocolate MALT balls.

     The art-house horror movie wasn't GORY at ALL.

     CAN you see the man standing IDLY on the corner?

     The monster that charged out of the MIST was beyond my KEN.

     NOR, I might add, did you put your DISH in the sink.

     The GAR felt really ICKY in my hands.

     HIRE someone to tap those maple trees and collect the SAP.

Animal #3

     Are you seeing RED, or do you not much CARE?

     He CAST a wide NET in his job search.

     The DELI serves pickles with ITS sandwiches.

     FIE on you for not washing your DISH—again!

     In this video, the octopus INKS its pursuer AND escapes.

     Let's hope he TOES the line after the POT bust.

     Their disagreements were MILD until they WED.

Animal #4

     He PUT down his tools and stood IDLY against the wall.

     You should COMB that CAT more often.

     POP loved to LOLL on Sundays.

     Your ALLY will not LET you down.

     The ANT was no match for the STAG beetle.

     Tending the fire all night, SHE kept watch over the HERD.

     The dirigible began to LIST after its FIN cracked.

Animal #5

     The victorious STAG beetle quickly ATE the ant.

     The trainer gave me a long LIST of foods low in FAT.

     It was a mistake to RIDE the roller coaster with a stomach FLU.

     Believe it or not, you can rent a machine that produces MIST you can EAT.

     They built a house for the HENS using a KIT.

     His favorite bedtime drink is cocoa; HERS is TEA.

     Things looked GRIM for Jack after he raised the giant's IRE.

Animal #6

     The COP looked forward to drinking ICED tea on the porch after work.

     In summer, the SKI lodge LETS hikers use the trails.

     The rich old MAN took the CURE at Baden-Baden.

     I'll OPT against renting an edible MIST machine.

     Jakarta is a CITY of TEN million people.

     I got a pretty good TAN while I was in the Caribbean sampling RUMS.

     Why not send your MOM a CARD today?

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