Saturday, July 30, 2016

Connecting Words 3

In each sentence below, two words appear in all-caps. Combine the words by adding a single letter that connects the two.


     This year, let's TRY renting a CABIN by the lake.


There are five sentences in all. Keep track of the letters you add, because afterwards you will rearrange those letters to form a five-letter word. Enjoy!

     Writers often POST to their blogs LATE at night.

     The mogwai had a SLY look on its face as Billy carried it out of the CURIO shop.

     The aging hedonist could no longer FIT into his DISCO pants.

     The barista EYED the customer coldly after he was CURT with her.

     A Roman COIN commemorating the IDES of March sold for $546,250 at auction.

N.B. In both previous Connecting Words puzzles, the final answers were animals; it was a sort of mild theme. So I should say up front that the answer to today's puzzle is not the name of an animal.

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