Monday, July 25, 2016

Connecting Words 2

In each sentence below, two words appear in all-caps. Combine the words by adding a single letter that connects the two.


     This year, let's TRY renting a CABIN by the lake.


There are seven sentences in all. Keep track of the letters you add, because afterwards you will rearrange those letters to form a seven-letter word. Enjoy!

     Will you be ABLE to finish that MEMO before lunch?

     Reach your serotonin QUOTA by using a negative-ION generator (or so they say).

     The HACK sat in his cab and EYED the fare approaching the curb.

     REDS were hounded in the 1950s for not being ideologically PURE.

     When Goody Smith's knee ACHED, she blamed an IMP.

     Apple Inc. recently became an ALLY to CORD-cutters.

     The media strategist LED a RESET of the campaign.

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