Saturday, April 30, 2016

Welcome to Oklahomainewmexiconnecticutah!

1. Which state name is last alphabetically?


2. Which state name ends in three vowels?


3. Which state names begin and end with the same letter? (4)

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Ohio

4. Which two state names end with the letters LAND?

Maryland, Rhode Island

5. Which state names have a double letter? (9)

Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee

6. True or False? Every letter of the alphabet is needed to write the names of the fifty states.

False: You don't need Q.

7. Which state names could be spelled out very nicely in capital letters using toothpicks because none of the letters are curved? (2)


8. Which state name has the fewest syllables?


9. Which one-word state name has the most syllables?

Louisiana has five syllables—unless you live there!

10. Do more state names end with a vowel or end with a consonant? (Take bets first!)

More state names end with a vowel.

11. Do more state names begin with a vowel or begin with a consonant?

More state names begin with a consonant.

12. One day, the citizens of Florida and the citizens of Idaho noticed that the last part of "Florida" is the first part of "Idaho." So they voted to become one state, Floridaho! Can you think of any other states that could vote to unite because of matching first and last parts?

Looking only for matching parts that have two or more letters, I found these possibilities:

Vermont, Montana → Vermontana
Wisconsin, Indiana → Wisconsindiana
Alabama, Maryland → Alabamaryland
Ohio, Iowa, Washington → Ohiowashington
Oklahoma, Maine, New Mexico, Connecticut, Utah → Oklahomainewmexiconnecticutah

13. I once drove a car through three consecutive states all beginning with the same letter. What were the states?

Iowa, Illinois, Indiana

14. If you want to leave this state by crossing the border into the state that immediately follows it in alphabetical order, you can do that - but only if you're on a boat. What state is it?


15. The only two states that have this letter in their name also happen to share a border. What letter is it?


16. Starting out from this state, I can drive due north, or due east, and in either case enter a state that has no letters in common with the state where I started. In what state did I start? (2 possible answers)

Kentucky: drive north into Ohio along Interstate I-71, and drive east into Ohio along Route 10 in Greenup County.

Utah: drive north into Wyoming along Pigeon Canyon Road in Daggett County, and drive east into Wyoming along Interstate I-80.

UPDATE 5/1: Changed #16 to correct an error.

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