Monday, February 8, 2016

Math Jokes!

For a long time, I thought "math joke" was an oxymoron.

Then I had kids.

At dinner, they say, "Dad! Give us a math joke!" Below are some that I've given them. Enjoy these denizens of the intersection (Dad jokes) ∩ (math jokes). I may update the list from time to time....

Q: When the Great White shark showed up, where was the octopus?

A: Octogone!

Q: If you cut up a general into 1,000 pieces, what is one of the pieces called?

A: A milli-leader!

Q: Where did the mathematician's family eat dinner every night?

A: At the multiplication table!

Q: Why were 10 and 11 mad after the race?

A: Because 20 won!

Q: What did 0 to say to 8? (I heard this one from Sophie, age 9.)

A: I like your belt!

Q: What did the pirate say to 5 × 16?

A: Ahoy, 80!

Q: What do da glasses help with?

A: Da vision!

Q: What do you call an angle after it gets in a car crash?

A: A wrecked-angle!

Q: What do you call a seagull who won't give up on her geometry homework?

A: A trying-gull!

Q: What do you have when you give a shot of anesthetic to a line?

A: A number line!

Q: What kind of snake likes to do math?

A: An adder!

Q:Why was the right angle sweating?

A: It was 90 degrees!

A mom said to her toddler, "I'm counting to three!  One, three!"  The toddler said, "Why did you skip two?" Mom said: "Because I can't even right now!"

A joke/riddle. Feel free to enter your solution in the comments!

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P.S. Feel free to add your favorite math jokes to the comments. :-)


Jason Zimba said...

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?
A: Pumpkin pi.

Q: What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter? A: Pi in the sky.

Q: What was Sir Isaac Newton's favorite dessert? A: Apple pi

Mathematician: Pi R squared
Baker: No! Pie are round, cakes are square!

Anonymous said...

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