Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bad Johnny and the Fractions

As punishment for misbehaving, Johnny's teacher made him compute \(\frac{6446266}{9669399} - \frac{6666442}{9999663}\). "That's easy," said Johnny, as he sauntered out of the classroom. "It's the same thing as \(\frac{2446666}{3669999} - \frac{2446666}{3669999}\), which is zero."

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jeff said...

Johnny's reply seemed like that of a savant when i'd only seen the problem as displayed in gmail:

... made him compute \(\frac{6446266}{9669399} - \frac{6666442}{9999663}\)

When it displays properly on your blog page, though, i can see that each digit in the numerator is 2/3 of the digit directly below it in the denominator.