Monday, May 4, 2015

An Open-Ended Problem

Study the numbers in this photo until a question occurs to you. Then answer your question. Repeat as desired.

Feel free to post your responses in the comments! I'll write up mine in a future post.


Stacy W said...

How much cash would the purchaser have to give the cashier in order to receive the $7.00 in exact change? This would be based on the assumption the amount tendered is not displayed and the "change due" is displayed.

JasonZimba said...
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Marni said...

Assuming that the customer bought one other item that is not visible and the $7.00 is the total due, what is the tax rate?

JasonZimba said...

Good question!

Do you mean the local sales tax rate, as prescribed by law, or the rate that was actually paid in this transaction?

JasonZimba said...

Good question!

n.b., also assumes that 2.59 and 0.57 are the only charges on the tab.