Friday, April 4, 2014

Some music puzzles

1. What is the most romantic song you know that doesn't use the word "love"?

No instrumentals, please--the song should have lyrics. And there shouldn't be any inflected forms (loved, loving, lover, etc.).

2. What's the rockingest song you know that doesn't use drums?


I think some good solutions to #1 are here.

My answer to #2 is pretty strong I think.

(For #2, a song with a very different feel also came to mind - not usually thought of as a rock song, though it did make #12 on the "Mainstream Rock" charts.)

These are subjective, so I suppose they're more like discussion questions. But they do have something in common with puzzles, in that they ask for an optimum subject to given constraints.


JasonZimba said...

My mother in law gave a good answer to #1:

Bill McCallum said...

For #1, For #2, the 3rd movement of Beethoven's "Spring Sonata" for Violin and Piano. E.g., the first 1 minute 12 seconds of (The rest is pretty good too, but not so rocking.)

JasonZimba said...

Ah, the romance of the open road...

Travis Jones said...

for #1:

JasonZimba said...

Some great ones there Travis!