Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Incurable Romantic

With my wedding anniversary coming up, I consulted some of those lists of traditional gifts. We're not at the gold or silver level yet, so I see there's the bronze anniversary, the paper anniversary, the leather anniversary (sounds spicy!), even the salt anniversary. (Sort of spicy, too, I suppose.) Today I was doodling on the computer, so apparently this year is the computer graphics anniversary.

Higher-resolution file here (.wmv file, 13.5MB).

To make this shape, I took forty-one circles of latitude on a sphere and replaced each one with a heart. The scale factors of the hearts are the same as the scale factors of the corresponding circles of latitude. In that sense, the shape is an example of a generalization of the sphere, in which a stack of similar circles is replaced by a stack of other similar shapes. (My wife and I were talking about this subject the other day.)

The parametric equation of a heart is from this page. Some other nice heart ideas are here.

(Don't worry, honey, I also bought you a non-mathematical present!)

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