Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spot the error

From the bio of syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg:
Jonah Goldberg is one of the most prominent young conservative journalists on the scene today. His column, syndicated by Tribune Media Services, offers shrewd analysis on a wide range of subjects, from political philosophy and economic trends to popular culture, with an entertaining writing style that speaks to a whole new generation. With keen wit and hard-hitting insight, Goldberg brings a fresh perspective to the typical right-left debate, by rejecting party lines, talking points and stale clichés.


Anonymous said...

Seems like it should be "left-right" debate, to be consistent with the order one reads.

JasonZimba said...

Hint: final word

Bill McCallum said...

Yeah, I got it. Although "hard-hitting insight" is not so much a stale cliché as a mixed dead metaphor (or a dead mixed metaphor, not sure which).

JasonZimba said...

It was when I got to the phrase "speaks to a whole new generation" that I was like, ugh!. Right after that, we get "keen wit" and "hard-hitting insight." Then the kicker about rejecting stale cliches.

Well, a person who would allow the phrase "stale cliche" to stand is not exactly a person who is paying attention to what he is writing. (Is there such a thing as a fresh cliche?)

Anyway, all meant in fun. I'm sure my own bio is pretty stale too.