Saturday, October 25, 2008

Git R Done

These are the worst economic times most of us have ever seen. In my own household, I have watched the market crash wipe out most of my daughter's college fund. Fortunately, college is still a long way off.

Right now, my wife and I believe the best investment in our daughter's future we can make is to repair the country she will inherit, and preserve the liberties we want her to enjoy long after we're gone. That's why we have just contributed $1,000.00 to help make sure that Barack Obama is elected president, and not John McCain (and not Sarah Palin).

Last month we contributed $500.00. But we think it's time to double down and get this thing done. The attacks on Obama are working in Florida and Ohio - two states with 47 electoral votes between them. McCain needs these votes desperately and will do anything to win them. The Obama-Biden campaign needs contributions to reinforce the message, get out the vote, and fight voter suppression on election day.

We can't afford to lose this fight. Let's win this goddam thing.

P.S. No pressure - but in case you want to add your own contribution, you can do so here.

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