Friday, September 19, 2008

From The Onion

Obama Feels Like He's Taking Crazy Pills

Obama accused Palin of misleading voters by portraying herself as a politician who has disdained the special spending projects sought by some lawmakers, known as earmarks. "When you've been taking all these earmarks when it's convenient and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person, that's not change," Obama said. "Come on. I mean words mean something. You can't just make something up."

Obama was then heard to say under his breath, "Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills."

OK, I admit it, this isn't actually from The Onion. The first paragraph is actual reportage from Yahoo! News. I made up the second paragraph (and the title) myself.

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danimal said...

I watched Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson today (on YouTube). She had to hem and haw a lot on that topic and on the whole was not convincing on her (supposed lack of) support for earmarks for Alaska, specifically the "Bridge to Nowhere".

I don't really blame her for fighting for projects for Alaska when she was governor, although I'm not clear on whether there was ever a good rationale for that bridge, or if it was just a vehicle for getting federal money flowing. Keeping the funding when the bridge idea fell through does seem pretty fishy, though.

What might be a better answer for Palin? "That bridge was a complicated issue. For a time as governor of Alaska, trying to work within our current political system, I thought that it would benefit our state and so I supported it. However, I later changed my position. I've always believed in more efficiency in government, and if given the chance to serve as vice-president I'd like to work to change the system so that projects are allocated in a more fair and transparent way." (This still runs into the problem of why Alaska kept the money after the bridge fell through, though...)