Monday, October 8, 2007

75th Anniversary Lecture

Bennington College threw itself a great party last weekend to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. Over 400 alumni came back for a three-day weekend of lectures, performances, exhibitions, classes, dinners, dances, and parties. President Elizabeth Coleman delivered an exhilarating keynote address, about which there is much, much more to say. Right now I'm just going to quickly upload the presentation I made on Sunday morning.

It was basically a lecture, although I also gave everyone in the audience a packet with illustrations and other things to read in parallel.

The lecture hall was filled to capacity - 75 enthusiastic people, from alumni to parents to students. I was touched by how willing everybody was to follow me through some peculiar twists and turns. There were some terrific questions at the end, touching on all of the threads in the talk, from the literary to the mathematical to the pedagogical.

A PDF of the presentation is here. I'm not sure how well it works when read on paper. It was composed to be read aloud, and I think that my voice, my presence, and my audience all combined to create the rewarding event that we all experienced. My family being there didn't hurt either. :)