Monday, September 17, 2007

Rochester Turning

Just a heads-up to those who are interested...

Today I heard from a friend who is writing for a local political blog called Rochester Turning. Admittedly, I'm not a technophile by any means, but this kind of site, a group blog, was something new to me. Because the blog has so many writers, it's updated constantly - much more often than a single-person blog. The blog is about local politics in the upstate-NY area. Essentially, it seems to me that they are using the weblog technology to create, at very low cost, a burgeoning news site that bypasses the conventional media. Some of their press is here.

It's also interesting to see how intensely the writers have thrown themselves into the work. These are professionals and busy people. But many of the posts say things like, "...I'm here at the convention with X and Y...", and, "...I took a long lunch to hear the speech by Z..." This is not armchair stuff. These people are putting some significant hours into learning their landscape, as a way of doing something to take back this country.

I'm glad to see it. And I'm wondering what more I myself can do. We have left this sort of work to the worst of us for too long.


btp said...

Thanks for the nice comments.

I'm envious that you're in the already pretty progressive green mountain state. We've got a lot of work to do over here in Rochester, in a way, its political situation is a microcosm of how the national political scene has been the last couple years. The GOP county administration and Legislature is secretive, ignoring the Dem minority, with corruption and nepotism flavor crystals thrown in.

I don't know how progressive Bennington itself is, but there's always room for improvement. :-)

eva said...

Hi, Jason. I'm actually examining this issue as part of my thesis. Thought you might find this Cass Sunstein article an interesting counterpoint. I agree with some of his sentiments, but not all. He's a bit too apprehensive for my taste. Regardless, you may enjoy it.